About Designing Wing :

1. Designer needs all data from the client, like project need, featured photos, best colours if needed by the client.
2. Designer will send 2-3 templates to the clients for approval.
3. We have 2 designers those work for us.


About Development Wing :

We had started with 3 persons as a developer and now we have 5 expert members in our development zone. Also we have some freelancer with us those works for us in their additional time. We need these people as sometimes there is a need to complete the project in a shorter time period. We follow some simple steps before we start the project which is always helping us Till Date.


Project Life Cycle that we follow :

1. Project Requirement Analysis
2. Project Documentation
3. Database Analysis for the project
4. Project Design Final for the home page and inner pages
5. Clients Feedback at each stage of development to escape rework of the project
6. Black Box Testing
7. Photo and Content Collection to be added on the site
8. White Box Testing
9. Project Delivery after testing all pages for bugs and design.
10. Maintenance