We design visually compelling logos with a great concept behind it.
   Our logo designers have proven skills in designing logos for reputed brands.
   Our logo design package includes a logo user guide for the correct usage of logo.
   We also develop collaterals including business cards, letterheads and envelops.

The logo design brief:

     This is the initial phase where the client briefs us on their requirement. To get better clarity, we usually send out a logo design questionnaire for the client to fill up.
Brand research:
     Once we are fully clear on the requirement, our branding guys start on the job. We research the brand's current positioning in the market and analyze its strengths and weakness. We compare the brand with its direct and indirect competitors. We share the outcome of the research with the client, providing road-map on how the logo should be positioned.
Concept creation:
     Once the client gives a green signal on our approach, the design team starts developing design mock-ups. Unlike several other logo design companies, our mock-ups are fully designed logos and not sketches or scribbles. We present around 6-7 initial designs.
Client feedback:
     We expect our clients to actively participate in the logo design process and provide constructive feedback on each design option. We get back to the drawing board to rework on the designs based on the feedback. Two levels of iterations will be carried out.
Collateral designs:
     Once the logo design is finalized, we proceed to creating design templates for collaterals like business cards, letterheads, envelops, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. We will also provide the logo file in several file formats including Jpeg, Png, Tiff, EPS and PSD. For logo design projects for larger business entities, we also deliver a detailed logo user manual and design templates for uniforms, company vehicles, billboards etc.